Custom built inkjet printing solutions
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AIT have developed a range of standard platforms that are based around a simple philosophy - make it easy to use and of the highest quality, ensure the systems are modular to allow for customisation and/or suitable for a later upgrade.

With this in mind AIT's development team initally developed the Squidjet. A high resolution high speed web press. The press is available from a simple digital print unit that can be integrated into a current servo flexographic press, through to a stand alone simple print and rewind digital printer or as a comple digital press with print, finishing modules, traditional print modules and embellishing modules.

The Squidjet is available with or with out pin curing depending upon your requirements. Software options include full variable graphic printing. Integrated print verification systems and all your traditional print options.

With the development of the Squidjet came the development of the Calamari print unit. This system is a compact single or four colour print unit that can be simply integrated onto traditional press, packaging lines or address systems for high resolution high speed and quality printing of varibale information.

AIT have also developed a prin system for printing direct to bottles and containers. The bottlejet is the first of its kind to bring high resolution digital printing to the industrial printer. The printer can replace labels by directly printing to the container. Developed for both cyclindrical and for oval bottles AIT have a solution for the Industrial printer.

Please visit our details products website for greater details of each product.

Contact AIT for more details, samples or to discuss your requirements.